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About Steadwell Escapes

We are here to organise and arrange experiences for the fans and general folk to interact and socialise with TV's most interesting personalities.​


Learn how the scrutiny in the spotlight can take its toll, leading to both moments of triumph and moments of vulnerability. Being the glamour and glitz portrayed on TV, there exists a human aspect characterised by struggles, insecurities and aspirations. 

The pressure to entertain, coupled with scrutiny of public opinion, can create a surreal existence where the lines between reality and performance is a blur. 

Being on reality TV can be an exhilarating yet challenging experience. Contestants often find themselves thrust into the spotlight, exposed to both fame and scrutiny. The experience varies widely depending on the specific show and the individual's personality.

Contestants may feel pressure to perform, conform to certain stereotypes, or even manufacture drama for the sake of entertainment. The editing process can also distort their portrayal, leading to misunderstandings or misrepresentation.

Being in the public eye can invite criticism, scrutiny, and even harassment from viewers and the media. Contestants may struggle with the loss of privacy, negative attention, and the psychological toll of being judged by millions of people. 

Steadwell Escapes creates an experience where you can socialise with a Reality TV starwhere they can be themselves and you can connect authentically with some of worlds most interesting, intriguing and often entertaining people on the planet.

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